Early Fruit drop (Pears and Peaches)

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Ann McGuinness asked 13 years ago

Fed all fruit trees with potash in March but8 year old pear tree that bore over 300 pears last year and 6 year old peach tree bore 6 fruit last year have now dropped all fruit this year. What can I do now to prevent this happening again (or is it weather related – I don’t think this is frost damage)

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
If a pear tree carries 300 fruits in a year, it will be exhausted by the effort which is too great and will often take a rest year to re-energise itself after that effort.

Presuming the peach is outdoor, since you mention weather, a peach tree is always marginal outdoors with the possible exception of a mild garden with good shelter and a south-facing wall. 2007 was an exceptional spring and this spring was cold. In adverse circumstances, fruit trees drop the fruit.