early york cabbage

Trevor Wynne asked 11 years ago

I wanted to plant early york cabbage seed to grow plants from. You recommended april or greyhound in a previous question and said they were heart shaped heads. Ive been told early york is round/ball headed in our area. Is there a round headed seed varietity of early york and if so what is the name of the seed to look for? Lorraine Thanks for the help

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Spring cabbage with pointed heads and ‘April’ and ‘Offenham’ are a good reliable varieties, sown in late July. ‘Spring Hero’ is ball-headed and sown in July. ‘Greyhound’ is a pointed summer/autumn variety sown in March to June. Ball-headed vareites are mostly summer and autumn maturing, also winter.