Denis Jordan asked 11 years ago

Our roadside hedge escallonia has died after the cold winters.What hedge would you recommend that will withstand the cold,our soil is heavy clay, what would you think of hornbeam.Would it hold its leaves over the winter.Is it ok to plant the new hedge directly in the same spot once our 20 year old hedge is removed? We have also lost olearias,bottlebrush, 30what would you recommend as replacement shrubs.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Hornebeam holds its leaves to some extent though not if the wether is hard, and not as good as beech but beech does not like heavy soil.

Laurel might be an alternative, but the oisl must not be wet in winter.

You can plant in between the dead stumps of escallonia.

Hardy shrubs include potentilla, forsythia, spirea, kerria, viburnums and some rhododendrons as you are on acidic soil,