eucalyptus tree

Conor Boylan asked 12 years ago

It is in a large container at the moment but is leaning over badly i have staked it a lot but to no avail does it need cutting back or to be planted out,how big does it get

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Eucalyptus can be kept in a container for a few years but only by being cut back.

It is really a plant for the open ground, making a big tree to 30 metres tall in the right situation.

A eucalyptus plant that was in a pot often suffers from wrapped-around roots and this can make the tree unstable  as the roots wrap around and strangle each other.

Or you could plant it out and cut it back in March each year or every two years to make a stooled bush of blue foliage.