evergreen shrubs

Larissa Quinn asked 11 years ago

we just built a house and we are on an acre of land and we just got our grass sorted in our garden and now it is time to gain some privacy, one side of the garden has a ditch with plenty of trees so can you please recommend some everygreen shrubs to plant around the rest of the perimetre of our garden. i would like something also that might flower in spring / summer and stays green all year..i was told i was best to wait to plant until september that it would be better for the plants to grow!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
On an acre of ground you could easily plant screen of trees, leavinga few gaps if there is any scenery to see. It is always best to use a mixture of kinds. All evergreen is not necessary for privacy and looks very gloomy.

Plant a mixture of hazel, holly, birch, some laurel and hawthorn.

More on this at:  https://gardenie.wpengine.com/gerrycategory/hedges-and-shelter-belts/?id=5411