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Meave Fay asked 10 years ago

I need your help please. My garden is under siege by some savage caterpillars. They are large and bright green and have done untold damage to 10 lilies and reduced them to stumps!! I squashed 5 of these rotten bugs and haven’t seen any since but I am sure more will be back. I have attached a photo of a very ugly looking bug which I think might grow up to be one of these bright green caterpillars. It was an inch in length and one of 28 I found between my front and back garden, under every pot and every where I dug. Nobody can tell me what it is and I need to get rid of them as they were dangerously close to my vegetable garden.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
These are probably the larvae of night-flying moths. There is a range of species, some green or brown, attacking a range of plants, but usually the damge is localised.

In removing the five larvae you have probably controlled the infestation. They are laid in small batches by the female moths and do not multiply like locusts.

So, if you see any more of them, they will be few in number.