Fast growing trees or shrubs

Dee Nyhan asked 13 years ago
We are going to build a raised flower bed at the end of the garden (north west facing garden) sun is on the end in the morning & afternoon. I want to plant trees/shrubs that will grow quickly, tall and bushy to give plenty of coverage as the area is quite overlooked from behind. Thanks

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
There is not much point in building a raised bed for flowers if it will be over-shadowed by trees, or if you mean you are going to grow the trees and shrubs in the bed, there is not much point either because they will make the height of the bed in a year’s growth and may actually be slowed in growth by the drier soil of the raised bed.

If you want a mixture of shrubs, this is a matter of personal preference. Most kinds will grow where you describe. There is a lot more information on this in our Plant finder: