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Kathy Dever asked 11 years ago

I have a small lawn with a lot of moss. I put down a coat of feed and weed a few months ago and am now left with a few rather large brown patches which are completely dead. I dug out all the dead stuff a week ago and put down grass seed but its not looking promising. Grass seed doesn’t seem to be taking. I watered it today but don’t know what else to do. The whole lawn needs another dose of feed and weed but I’d prefer to get the grass growing in the patches first. Any advise?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
If weed and feed, or just feed, is put out unevenly, the grass will be damaged. It must be put on evenly, ideally using a little spreader.

 The weather can be too dry for grass seed to sprout, so wait until the soil is moist after rain and with rain expected.