Feeding Beech Trees

Ciara O\’Shea asked 13 years ago

Hi Gerry,Last week, knowing that rain was on the way after the dry spell, I fed all my shrubs and trees an organic fertiliser, it didn’t say it was specific to soil type. After the rain and now a week later, the leaves on the beech trees (5 yrs old) are going yellow / brown working from the root up. All other trees and shrubs are thriving – any advice?Many thanks in advance!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Beech has very shallow roots … fibrous need the surface, and it sounds like you over-did it. They may shrivel some leaves and recover.

Trees and shrubs and most garden plants do not need routine feeding if growing in ordinary reasonably fertile soil.

Feeding, if given, to trees should be applied in spring.