Feeding New Lawn

Barry Holian asked 13 years ago
Hi recently sown a new lawn thats been down now for 3 months.Parts of the lawn have come up yellow in colour and i have feed it with 7-6-17,is it too soon to feed the lawn after sowing?.and how often can i apply fertiliser to the lawn?can a lawn be over fed?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
When parts of a lawn are yellow, it is due either to poor soil, low in nutrients, or wet spots.

If drainage is okay, then it needs feeding. A lawn should get a base fertilizer such as 7-6-17 or 10-10-20, at 80 -100 grams per square metre before sowing to even out the levels of nutrition in the soil.

if this was not applied, 30 grams per square metre can be applied in spring each year for three years. The lawn should also get high-nitrogen spring lawn feed at least twice between April and August.