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Michael Burke asked 13 years ago

I have a very large area of lawn – almost two acres in a limestone area – which I have just had cleared of briars and ferns. Five years ago it was rich green grass but I let it go wild due to illness and now with the briars and ferns cut it is very bare. Will the grass grow back naturally – I’m too old to re-seed it – and what fertilizer will help this. Is fertilizer high in Phosphorous and Potassium such as 7/6/17 or even 0/7/30 a good type to use.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Briars and ferns( bracken presumably) will continue to grow if they have simply been cut.  If you mow this area regularly, every two weeks at least, these will eventually be mowed out but any slippage on that will allow them to come back.

You could spray the re-sprouting briars with Brushwoodlkiller to stop re-growth and the whole area can be sprayed with Asulox in late summer to kill bracken.

This grass area does not need feeding if it was once fertile and green, until it has been mown for at least one year, and then it should only get nitrogen, not potash or phosphorus,  to boost poor growth.