liz durkan asked 15 years ago

I was reading an answer to a question about turnips I also have this problem (Hollow centers & bad centers) have tried different soils to no avail . Can you tell me what type of fertilizer is BORON would it be in 10-10-20?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Boron is not a fertilizer as such, it is a trace element only needed in small amounts. It works with calcium to make the latter available and calcium is important for cell structure, hence the breakdown and brown tissue.

You can get boronated compound fertilzers, which have had a tiny amount of boron added, in farmcoop stores. Or use borax at about 5 grams per 10 square metres, a teaspoonful. This should be enough to correct a deficiency but do not use more as this can be toxic and even prevent plant growth at high levels … it is used as a weedkiller too.

Probably easier and less tricky is to water on a complete liquid fertilizer, such as Miraclegrow. If you can get some seaweed, or seaweed meal, it also contains useful amounts of boron.