Fluffy growth in patches on turf grass

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Breda Clarke asked 6 years ago

I had a turf lawn laid about 3 weeks ago and have watered it every evening since. About a week ago I noticed patches of what looks like white fluffy cottony mould in places. What is this growth and how can it be treated?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
A lawn laid to turf is best not watered every day. Watering frequently only wets adn cools the soil and slows rooting. The grass sods generally need just one or two good heavy waterings and then it takes, and might need another if the weather is dry.

The cottony growth is probably a fungus called fusarium that is common in autumn on grass lawn that is too damp, due either to damp weather or in this case over-watering. Do not water for a week and see how the grass comes on.