frost damaged escallonia

ceebee asked 13 years ago

We have 25 yearold, vigorous, well kept, 200ft long escallonia (macrantha) hedge which is trying to recover from the winter. Its damage differs along its length and we’re getting conflicting advice as to how to best look after it. 1. Where there is inner growth one says to do nothing, that the scrappy dead branches will act as protection next winter for the growing leaves inside. Another says to cut them away to let light in to encourage inner growth… What do you advise? AND 2. There are areas where there is no inner growth, just outer growth. What’s best to do with that area of damage – if anything?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
if it is sprouting, it will recover, and there is not much to be gained either way. The dead branches will offer some shelter, but cast some shade, get in the way of new growth but also force the new shoots upward more quickly.

With growth inside, and outside, pruning to diferent requirements will leave the hedge looking messy.

It is a matter of opinion whether the hedge looks better cut back or not cut.