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maria leahy asked 11 years ago

I had 20 fruit and nut trees (plus other soft fruit)delivered last tues and have left them wrapped in the two plastic wrappers due weather. Ground here is about workable daytime and wonder if I should try get them planted before next weekend colder weather. I intend apples and pears as espaliers and plums as fans and wish to know as all are supposed to be 2 yrs. can I leave two tiers if suitable for tying in before cutting back central leader to bud above ‘that’ tier?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
If the soil is reasonably open and well-drained, these plants are better planted out, or you could take them out of their packaging and temporarily plant them in a trench in a sheltered spot. They are more likely to suffere damge by wind-rubbing against the soil than they are from cold and staking is essential.

If there are suitably placed branches for espalier shape, leave them, tie them in and use them.