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ellen lowndes asked 13 years ago

I have geothermal pipes under my only south facing wall. Can I plant MM106, quinceA ,St Julien A and colt rootstock trees over them. the pipes are ! metre deep. The guy in the nursery said the root will extend below 1 metre.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Fruit tree roots might well extend down to one metre but mostly they remain in the top 25cm.

Roots will not damage any pipe that is not open for access, such as drainage pipes. Geothermal pipes are sealed to re-circulate water and should not be under any threat, but consult the company that installed the system for confirmation.

The other dange to pipes from tree roots would be the heaving effect of roots but this is only possible with big trees and close to the surface, certainly not at one metre deep.