fruit trees

Josephine Maher asked 11 years ago
I have a friend in the country who sowed fruit trees plums-damsons and pears about 5 yrs ago and which fruited well for the first few yrs but she has no fruit this year and wants to know what to do for next year. also her 5 gooseberry bushes which were laden with fruit 2 yrs ago (I saw them) lost all their leaves and no fruit. She would be grateful for some advice

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Plums, damsons and pears fruit early and may have had a touch of frost. or the trees may be on soil that lacks nutrients. If they have grown well they will come back to fruiting. If growth has been poor, apply some fruit fertilsier or general fertiliser in spring.

Gooseberry bushes can lose their leaves to gooseberry sawfly caterpillars but they usually recover quickly.