Fruit trees of same variety cross-pollinate?

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June Hayes asked 12 years ago

I have two Conference pears put in two months ago grown as espalier on sunny wall. They flowered but now the leaves are curled and dry. maybe lack of water, dont know, hope they will recover. Also will they cross pollinate okay.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Fruit trees of the same variety, with the same name, were propagated from the same single original unique tree. So unless the variety is self-pollinating, they cannot pollinate each other as they have exactly the same genetics. ‘Conference’ is partly self-fertile, but there is likely to be some pears in the neighbourhood, unless you are in a rural area. Bees will bring the pollen.

Young tree can take time to settle and may not fruit in the first few years. Water them in any dry spell of more than a few days as they have not yet rooted out into the soil, until they show good growth.