Fungus – what is it please?

TheH Hazel asked 9 years ago
I recently got some large logs from a neighbour to create a “fernery” but this fungus has appeared on the ground immediately next to the logs. The logs originally had the bark on them but the harsh frosts detached the bark. the fungus does not have any stalks, the cups appear to emerge directly from the soil. I would like to know (1) what this fungus is and (2) whether it is a “goody” or a “baddie” – will it put my trees at risk? The new fernery is in the centre of three Silver Birch trees. Many thanks Hazel Luskin Glennon

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
This looks like the common dung cap, a Peziza species, which grows from the soil usually having fed on organic material. It is harmless to plants and not edible.