Getting the less formal garden look right?

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Jennifer Carroll asked 13 years ago

We have a new garden we have just finished clearing out (it was in a landfill state when we bought it) and have finally started to plant. Can you advise on what flowers and plants would be good for the less formal /wild flower look. Also there is a corner at the back which gets pretty much no sun at all, is there any sort of tree /shrub that could be grown in this spot to cover the fence?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
For a less formal look, start with the lawn and allow it to grow as wild flower lawn, mown regualrly but less often and with lots of daisies and other flowers.

Use traditional cottage garden flowers in borders … foxgloves, nasturtiums, dame’s violet, wall flowers, candytuft, californian poppy, honesty, oriental poppies, Shasta daisy, montbretia, aubrieta, lady’s mantle, sweet william and lots of spring bulbs and summer lilies.

Many of these self-sow freely and come up in different places. In the informal look, you must let plants do some of the planning.