Ghost spot in tomatoes

Angela McCabe asked 11 years ago

Noticed today that a lot of the tomatoes in my greenhouse are developing clusters of white rings, slightly raised on the skin. They look very similar to pictures of tomatoes with ghost spot. What can I do? Can I prevent it spreading? Are affected tomatoes inedible? Will I be able to grow tomatoes in greenhouse next year?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Ghost spot is not a disease. It is a term used to describe the failed attempt of a fungal spore to penetrate the defences of a tomato. Some of the wax of the skin is dissolved and the mark can be seen.

It is more likely to occur if the atmosphere of the greenhouse is moist and the tomato plants are grown strongly.

The fruit is perfectly edible and there is not carry-over, as there is nothing to carry over, but the same creating the conditions can see a re-occurrence, This is partly weather related too, being more likely in overcast weather.