Ginger plant

Natasha Keogh asked 12 years ago

I bought a ginger plant at Farmleight plant fair yesterday thinking i could grow it outside in my “tropical plant style” bed but have found it hard to find any information on the plant and what little i have found seems to indicate that it IS a tropical plant that likes warmth and humidity which obviously i can’t provide here on the canal in Dublin i.e. windy and grey and rainy. Could you tell me please whether or not i can grow it outside? If not as i don’t have a greenhouse would it be ok in a bathroom that gets a lot of light and which is centrally heated but i could keep bowls of water around and spray it regularly?? i’d be upset if i couldn’t keep it as its a beautiful plant and i paid 25 euro for it!

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
There are ‘gingers’ and ‘gingers’!

If you got a hedychium, they are mostly quite hardy near the coast and survive well. Plant it out and when it withers, cut away the stems and cover with a mulch of loose organic material. Watch for slugs on emergence next year and it should be fine.