Grass clippings

Chrissie Rawlings asked 10 years ago

I have recently moved to Ireland and have a huge back garden that i wish to make into a flower garden, how do i compost all the grass clippings that i am about to get?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Grass mowings get broken down in one or other of two ways. One is by fungi which is a relatively dry decomposition and the other is wet when anaerobic bacteria complete the decomposition.

The former is practically odourless, the second smelly.

If you can cut on dry days and stack under light cover but allowing plenty of air in, you can get a dry decomposition.

Alternatively, if you mix the mowins with dry leaves, cardboard and similar material to keep the stack open, you can get a good breakdown.

For a very large garden, the best solution is to plant trees over part of it and make a garden woodland which is almost maintenance-free.