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Pat Campion asked 12 years ago

The grass quality is very bad. Last year it looked like red grass patches in the lawn. So far this year it looks almost dead. Looks like a disease.What should I do? Thanks

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Dead or damaged patches might be due to walking on the lawn during freezing weather or it might be caused by a fungus, or a combination of both.

The chief fungus that causes patches in the cooler part of the year is fusarium or snow mould, so called because fulffy white growth can sometimes be seen, and because is often forms due to wet conditions under melting snow.

Big trouble for gold courses, but not much to do with an ordinary lawn, which is given a mowing when the weather warms up a bit and some fertiliser in late March.

If the dead patches are large and likely to be slow to grow in from the sides, just scatter some seed in April … no need to cultivate.