grass growing up through plants

claire feely asked 14 years ago

Im in a rural setting and many of my plants have long grasses growing up through the centre.This inhibits the growth and is unsightly and difficult to remove without damaging the plant. Is there a topical weed killer that I can paint on the grass with out harming the plant

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
It is possible to get control by sponging Roundup weedkiller solution onto the leaves of the grass weeds. Wearing rubber gloves, hold a bunch of leaves along one hand and sponge with a sponge dampened in Roundup solution.

The weedkiller in taken in by the leaves and goes to the roots, and it is not necessary to treat ll the leaves, about half should do. Keep the sponge barely damp to avoid drips onto the flowers as Roundup can kill these too.