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gary laird asked 14 years ago

I live out in the countryside, where I have built stables on concrete with the surrounding area (30 * 30) metres in cobble sone….just ordinary stone you would get from the quarry. Now that was a year ago and of course now with summer coming along. grass, weeds at starting to come up through it, however I can’t give any of these with the normal roundup because it is to dangerous to use near the horses, so what can I do.(I have young kids – the garden will be mostly grass for the next few years…)176Someone said to me to use a Red Dragon Red Dragon The Original Red Dragon Torch Kit, of course can’t find any way in Ireland that supplies this, only America.Is this the only option I have. is there something else or do you know where I can find these Torch Kit’s. Thanks ,Gary

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Roundup is of very low mammalian toxicity.

In any case, try Fruit Hill  Farm in Cork for flame weeders.