Greenfly infestation

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Fiona Critchley-Smyth asked 12 years ago

I live in the countryside & the farmer in the field beside my house planted wheat crop this year. All my flowers/fruit & fruit bushes have hundreds upon hundreds of greenfly. I have planted flowers which help to attract insects to kill the greenfly, these flowers have been consumed by the greenfly. I spayed with soapy water, garlic water, organic spray & harsh chemical spray-none have worked. My sunflowers are disgusting, there is more green than yellow, my uncle (who is an avid gardener) was amazed at the amount of them. The farmer is sowing barley next year, will this infestation occur next year too?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
A crop of wheat has no bearing on greenflies in your garden. If a farmer had such an infestation, he would have no crop of corn.

If you wait, the balance will be righted by the natural predators and parasites which abound in the countryside. Or else apply a garden insecticide, as directed on the pack.