ground cover for sloped bank

Liz O\’Connor asked 12 years ago
Could you recommend ground cover shrubs/plants for sloped embankment which is very difficult to mow. Preferably low maintenance and all year round cover with colour. Location is near to the sea and soil is very sandy.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
All plants are ground cover, especially trees and shrubs 

The best cover for a bank is to use shrubs and trees of varying heights. These break up the face of the bank. Lots of plants like sandy soil including birch, hazel, holly, broom, genista, Mount Etna broom, lavatera, hypericum, cistus, lavender, helichrysum.

Non-woody plants such as red hot poker, pampas grass, agapanthus and dierama are happy near the coast and in sandy soil.

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