ground cover

Jackie Duffy asked 12 years ago
I have a steep bank behind the house, its overgrown with grass and weeds, looks horrible, can you suggest a quick growing ground cover, that will grow wild and need no attention, the soil isnt great, its like clay. would love some king of low growing creeper to keep grass and weeds down, as strimming and mowing to difficult.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Much depends on how close the bank is to the house. If it is more than say 10 metres away, you can grow shrubs and even some trees.

If it is closer, you are limited to small shrubs such as santolina, lavender, helianthemum, helichrysum, cistus, small hebe and genista among others, and strong rock garden plants such as aubreita, arabis, yellow alyssum, iberis, dianthus and campanulas of various kinds.

More suggestions:

Cut all the grass and weeds with a brushcutter and spray twice with Roundup to kill all exsiting greenery, then plant and keep the plants weed-free in the early years. 

Or you could simply plant the whole bank to ivy with a few hazel trees to give some height.