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paula o donovan asked 16 years ago

I have just laid a patio and i would love to grow fruit in tubs/containers…i am thinking specifically strawberries,gooseberries,blackberries, more what I call the old fashioned fruits. Problem is i am a total novice. Am I being unrealistic as i have never done anything like this before or is it a relatively easy undertaking

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
It is possible to grow fruit in containers but it is much more successful to grow them in the open ground, if possible. Tubs should only be resorted to if there is no ground available.

The restricted root-run of a pot does not enhance the plant’s capacity to carry fruit and they are totally dependent on you to remember to water and feed.

If they must be grown in pots, use big containers with depth. Ensure drainage is good and don’t forget to water and liquid feed throughout the growing season.