Growing onions

Romie Cullen asked 12 years ago

I’m planning to grow onions for the first time. I have grown other veg, and my approach is to protect the crop from the problems it suffered in previous years.While I see that onions can suffer a number of problems including white rot, onion fly, etc, I’m wondering which problems are common in Ireland or the south east.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Onions are generally easy enough to grow in good fertile soil in a sunny spot. Onion white rot is the main problem and it tends to build up after a few years. It is usually introduced on onion sets, so be careful not to plant away diseased sets.

Growing from seeds keeps white rot at bay because it is not seed-transmitted. Neck rot of onions in store is mostly weather-related and worse after a wet summer. But if the onions are over-fed, they can be soft and more easily affected by the neck rot fungus.