Growing plants beside the sea

Sylvia Moriarty asked 12 years ago

What are the best growing plants for living beside the sea. I have a small garden and find that the wind sweeps up the side of my house and burns the plants I have their. I am going to alter my garden this year and would welcome your suggestions please. I am open to all suggestions

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Some plants are more resistant to sea winds than others and if you plant these to provide shelter, you can grow a very wide range of plants behind them.

The choice depends on the amount of space available, pines and sycamore for bigger areas, griselinia, escallonia, olearia for smaller spaces.

 Other plants that are good include hebe, hydrangea, hypericum, phormium, tamarix, elaeagnus, rosa rugosa, fuchsia and japanese spindle.

Look around the locality and see what survives and the local garden cenres should be able to offer advice.

Look up plant for strong exposure in the Plant finder: