Growing trees in pots

Kevin Dolan asked 11 years ago
I have two Chilean lantern trees growing in pots on each side of my north facing, front door. I would like to keep them there as apart from their brightening up this area our garden is alkaline. Would this be possible? If not could you recommend a shrub that could be container grown and would flower in the shade?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Chilean lantern tree, or Crinodendron, makes a small tree or very large bush and will become pot-bound and rather staggly after a few years, but you can get some years out of it by feeding to keep it going, an keeping up watering.

It needs acid soil but if it is mulched with leaf mould that turns the soil acidic, it will grow.

Skimmia is a good shrub for a large pot with evergreen leaves, scented flowers and long-lasting red berries.