Growing wisteria on a coastal property

Chris Betts asked 11 years ago
I would so love to grow wisteria again (we had a superb one when we lived in Surrey), but have assumed that our location would not be suitable; we are on 3 acres of coastal property, with the house less than 200 mtrs from the cliff, so it’s very windy. If I planted it on the north face of the house – the prevailing wind off the sea being south-westerly – do you think it would stand a chance? Of course, of all the facets, that’s the least sunny…

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Wisteria has lots of whippy growths that can be damaged by wind. However, if these are tied in and secured, it is so vigorous that it will usually succeed, even if somewhat stunted. A salt gale can damage the foliage. The effect of the damage is to make the plant more bushy but it still flowers well, once established.

You might consider training it at a lower height than usual, or you could grow it in a large pot, keep it in a sheltered space and take it out to flower by a front door, for instance.