Hedge maintaince

Siobhan Waters asked 13 years ago

Recently planted a bare root copper beech hedge, at a 100 metres in total and set out with the typical guidelines of 18 inches apart, compost used etc. The next step is to figure out how and when to prune this particular type of hedging? The bare roots themselves are approx a foot and a half above ground level and were planted over a week ago. I would appreciate any pruning suggestions you may have.Look forward to hearing from you…

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
A young beech hedge can be allowed to grow for a year or two before you start to do any trimming. In generall it takes beech two years to make roots and get going, during which time some plants will fail and have to be replaced.

When it has made some growth, you can shorten back any branches that are reaching too far away from the outline of the hedge you want to create, mainly errant side shoots. You can also prune back the top shoot to encourage more bushy growth, if you wish.