margaret o neill asked 6 years ago

Need help in selecting a boundary for shelter in our garden in a very exposed area of North Kerry, in the countryside approx. 7km from the sea/coast. I don’t want it to grow too high, would like to keep an open feel to the area but creating a shelter belt with little maintenance is paramount something frost hardy. There is a ranch railing running along the boundary presently on that side (westerly side) of the house and i have a border of approx 2ft width of soil to work with inside the fence and outside the gravel drive way. On the other side of the house I have a ditch with 2ft border inside it to work with, need something that will provide shelter and will create a balance with the other side. Both sides are approx 15m away from the house. Hope you can help.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Griselinia and Olearia are suitable, very sea resistant, and hardy that close to the sea.