Herb cuttings – lavender

Mary Roach asked 13 years ago

Hi,I’m new to growing lavender and want to grow some cuttings from the plant.Do you have any pictures of what a ‘heel’ of older wood looks like? I kind of get the idea of what I am suppose to do but I am not sure what a heel of older wood looks like in my own lavender plant.I have provided a close up pic of my lavender bush in the hope it may be of assistance with my query.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Heel cuttings were used by nurserymen to save having to cut the end of the cuttings and therefore much faster when thousands had to be prepared.

But the heel cutting has another advantage as it reveals more cambial tissue just under the bark, which is where the roots arise, thereby enhancing rooting very often.

The ‘heel’ is formed when a side branch is pulled away from the branch on which it arises and it usually sticks out at an angle. But ordinary cuttings can be used too, cutting with a sharp blade just below a bud.