high screening

fran keating asked 12 years ago
A housing estate is being built to the rear of my house. Some of the houses are on a slope which leaves me with no privacy. I want to use plants to create a fast, thick and most importantly, high screen. I will need about 4 to 5meters of screening. I don’t want to use leylandii or lawson Cypress. I was thinking maybe a bamboo but would this give me adequate screening? And will maintenance be difficult and time consuming?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Bamboo is unlikely to work well in this situation as it seldom reaches the high when planted out and is prone to wind damage.

Use a broad-leaved hedge such as griselinia or olearia, which is quick and can be cut back easily if it gets too big. Or if you have enough space, you could plant birch or other trees for screening, and they do not need to be evergreen to be effective.