Hole in lawn

Michael Lucas asked 13 years ago
Early last year I found a hole in my front lawn. It was 3½” or 4” in diameter and very neat – no clay or grass around it. It went down about 6” and then seemed to turn and go under the lawn, towards the house. About the middle of the year I packed the hole with small stones (white chips) and topped it off with soil. To my amazement, about two months ago I found the hole back again – still with no clay or grass or white chips around it, but there were some white chips at the bottom of the hole. I presume that the hole was made by some animal. Any idea as to what it might be? I’ve never seen any signs of life near the hole.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
A variety of animals make holes in a lawn … rabbits, rats, foxes, dogs and badgers. Mostly these animals are digging for food, such as earthworms, or shelter. Droppings or nail marks made when digging might give you some clue.

Generally there would be some soil or bits of grass scattered about. But it is possible that the animal scattered the soil when digging. As for the white chips, it may have dug down slighlty to one side of the existing cache of chips.