Hornbeam and Holly

Tim Herlihy asked 13 years ago

My soil is clay and I planted a Hornbeam hedge last February. I didn’t cut it back when I planted it and it is very bare at the bottom. Could I cut it back at this time of year to encourage it to sprout at the bottom in the spring? Also I’m going to plant another little Hornbeam hedge soon but was thinking of inter planting holly, would this work as a hedge?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Curtting back does not necessarily cause sprouing lower down unless the cutting back is very severe.

The plants will eventually furnish themselves lower down from the higher growth but it is important that all grass and weeds are kept awyay from the base of the edge.

If holly and honrbema are used together, they should not be interplanted every second plant.

Several plants of one or other should be used together and two-thirds of the total numbers should be of one or other kind used and the numbers randomised.