How to grow geranium/cranesbill from seed?

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Stan Dunne asked 11 years ago

I’ve collected some seed from geranium/cranesbill plants – how would you recommend I go about getting plants from these: should I sow them now in trays/pods and leave them outside; should I germinate them indoors on a sill; should I hold off and sow them next spring.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Hardy geranium or cranesbill seeds can be eaily germinated. Firs check that the seeds are viable by splitting a few with a sharp blade to see it there is endosperm, white or yellow inside, or crush a seed onto paper and if there is an oil stain, there is a good chance of viability.

Any kind of saved seed can always be sown fresh but may not germinate until spring, or it can be kept and sown in spring.

If seed is sown and left outside watch for mouse attacks.