how to plant a spider lily

phyllis o neill asked 13 years ago

I have been given a present of spider lilly and don.t know which way to plant it. There is a little growth on it and it has legs like a spider. Is this the top or the bottom. Thanks for your help. Phyllis

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
It sounds like you have Hymenocallis, the spider lily, as a bulb, which it is. The ‘legs’ you describe are the roots, which often persist even though the leaves die back. The roots are on the bottom of the bulb.

Do not break these but plant carefully in a pot, water lightly once and very occasionally over winter. In spring water more heavily as soon as any sign of growth is noticed. It is a greenhouse or indoor flower and very beautiful. Feed every three weeks with house plant food when in growth.