How to plant potted fruit bushes

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Nick Leonard asked 7 years ago

I purchased an assortment of fruit bushes from a supermarket and am not entirely sure which is the best way to plant them in the ground?They come in pots and are grown with small bamboo stakes surrounding them, I do not know if I need to plant them with the same small stakes or else add larger stakes. Attached is a picture of the exact bushes that I purchased.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Dig the soil, take out a hole and plant to the depth of the pot . Water well after planting and during any dry spell in the coming weeks. The red currants and gooseberry bush need to be spaced 1.5m apart, and the blackberry, which needs the support of a fence or wires on a wall, needs about 3 metres of wall or fence length.