hundreds of seedlings under ash tree

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Stephanie Moloney asked 10 years ago

Are these ash seedlings which are appearing in their hundreds aound an old ash tree? They are appearing all over the lawn, in areas distant from the tree and in the neighbour’s garden. This is the first year i’ve seen this happen. I pull them quite easily but I’m wondering could I use weedkiller on them as there are so many and they keep on appearing?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Those are ash seedlings, shed by the tree after a good seed year. This can occur every year or every few years.

The ones in the lawn will be dealt with by the lawn mower.

In borders, the seedlings will have to be picked out by hand, or it migh tbe possible to hoe them in the bark mulch with a light sharp hoe, or they can be sprayed with Roundup.

Roundup can only be sprayed where it will not get on flowers or shrubs.

So you might have to combine the techniques, hand-weeding close to the flowers and spraying where no damage will be done to plants.

Keep Roundup off the stems of young trees, not just the foliage, and be very aware of the possiblility of spray drift onto neighbouring flowers or shrubs.