Identify weed

Aoife Doyle asked 12 years ago
I am doing a bit of landscaping to put in new vegetable beds, First time gardener so a little clueless. In my lawn there are areas near trees and the grass is missing in patches replaced by some weed. When i dig it out it goes very deep with long thick tuber like roots. They look a little like thin parsnips and are really hard to break or dig out. the inside of them is white with a darker circle in the middle. DO you know what they are or how I can get rid of them without using strong chemicals as I want my garden to be organic?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The weed sounds like some member of the carrot family, such as cow parsley.

You can dig these out completely, which is the organic way … and provides excellent exercise … or you can use Roundup on a once-off basis to kill the weeds when they sprout.  Roundup does not last in the soil.