Is our Scots Pine dying?

eily roe asked 11 years ago

Our house was built in 1948 so I presume the Scots Pine is approx 60 years old.It had been topped by previous owners (over 10 years ago) but right now seems to be losing its greenery and thinning out. Is it dying? Is there anything we can do to save it?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This is not a Scots pine, more like an Austrian pine.

It has thined out a bit, which is normal enough for the lower branches as a pine ages but the top probably could be a bit more dense.

When a tree of this size and age begins to suffer, it is usually due to some disruption of its root system, such as earth moving, drainage or overlaying of soil, change of water table, or disease such as honey fungus.

It would help to remove all grass to the extent of the branches, killing it with Roundup which will not affect the tree. It could have a mulch of leaves and its own needles will build up. The mulch will help to retain moisture and provide feeding as it rots down. Do not give fertilizer.

 If it is suspected that drought is a problem, it can have sprinklers on it in dry weather, but only for a few hours and not again for another week, certianly not all the time.