Is there a home preventative for rose blackspot?

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Caroline Tindal asked 7 years ago
Do any readers know of a home cure or preventative for blackspot on roses. I have been using a proprietary brand but this year the blackspot has been very bad. My New Dawn has now lost all its leaves. Many of the hybrid tea roses look pretty sparse and even roses which have never had blackspot show some evidence. Probably because of the cost I have not been spraying frequently enough but I did think that once the dry weather came we should be safe. Maybe the wet August played a part. A home cure/preventative might be cheap enough to do more frequently as I need 8 litres of spray to cover all my rose beds

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
There is no reliably effective ‘home-cure’ for rose blackspot … or the shop-products would never be sold.

The available sprays are only preventive in their mode of action, and must be applied before the disease hits, from spring, or else grow only disease resistant varieties.