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alexandra o\’brien asked 11 years ago

weather forecast is dire for the weekend. ive got a 8X6 unheated greenhouse. its full of scented pelagoniums, chillies, mysotidiums, etc. all fairly fragile. would you recommend lighting a few candles in the evenings to heat it? (no electricity available). alternatively i could bring everything indoors but as ive about 60 pots………id rather not.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
In Bray, the temperatures are unlikely to drop to very severe levels.

Candles cannot deliver enough heat …. a greenhouse of that size would need a heater delivering at least 1kilowatt, that is the equivalent of a one-bar electric fire.

A frost protection heater can be useful, and there are paraffin models if you cannot use electricity. These will protect tender plants on cold nights in winter, but the temperature has to drop below zero for damge to be caused.

You could also cover tender plants with old blankets or duvets, taking them off by day.