Laburnum flowering alternate years

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Eilis O\’Mara asked 11 years ago

I have one Laburnum tree for about 8yrs which flowers beautifully ever 2nd yr. It’s stunning looking when in flower. But since we’ve had it I notice that alternate years it will only have 4 or 6 flowers. I don’t do anything different to it any year to cause this, can you tell me why this might happen and what I can do to ensure it’s beautiful every year.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
When trees flower every second year, it is a sign that they flower heavily and perhaps set seeds and exhaust themsleves to the extent that they need a second year to build up to flowering again.

The biennial flowering can be counteracted to some degree by feeding in spring with some tree and shrub fertiliser in the ‘on’ year, the reverse of what might be thought.