lasagne gardening

paula walsh asked 11 years ago

I have recently read about lasagne gardening in a US magazine. Do you know anything about it.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Lasagne gardening is just a descriptive term for using layers of compost to build up a layer in whch to grow vegetables.

It is a no-dig method, applying compost in layers, starting with cardboard or newspaper on which compost is laid to smother existing grass.

You need to have a lot of compost to cover any significant area.

It might be useful where soil is very poor, but even poor soil is made better by working in the compost and there is nothign wrong with using soil in which to grow vegetables … it is the most natural growing medium of all.

Garden compost often has plenty of weed seeds, especially grass formt he lawn and in a damp climate lie this, weed control is likely to be an issue with ‘lasagne gardening’.